Hello everyone!

Information about NerdaCon for the year 2015 will be posted on this website


Thank You!

Hello everybody! It’s been a few weeks since NerdaCon has ended and overall it was a huge success! I just wanted to make this post to say thank you to the vendors, the staff, the panelists, the sponsors, the guests and the attendees and I hope to see you all next year in some capacity. Right now the NerdaCon staff is taking a short break in order to spend time with our friends and loved ones but we will return better than ever in order to insure that NerdaCon remains a successful endeavor for everyone involved. Once again thank you all for your continued support. See you next year.


All of our information has been posted for NerdaCon v9! Be sure to check out our panels, vendors, or more!

Vendors & Artists

Special Guests

Main Schedule


Anime Viewings

Game Tournaments

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Hey everybody. I hope you are all having a fantastic October. This is a little reminder that registration for NerdaCon v9 will be closing after October 31st. For those who are waiting on a response for their panels and/or vendor tables, we will be sending emails  out once registration has officially ended.If you are wanting to register for a panel, to be a part of staff, and/or to get a vendor/artist table please go to the Registration tab. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and have a great day.

7/18/2014 – Vendor/Artist Registration is Open!

Hello everyone!

We have great news for you. Our vendor and artist registration form is finally open! Please be sure to register as soon as possible as spots are limited!

Vendor/Artist Registration Form

(If you paid in advance at last NerdaCon, please contact us as soon as possible at inquiries@nerdacon.org.)

6/4/2014 – Panel and Staff Registration Are Open!

Hello everyone!

We’d like to announce that our panel registration and staff registration forms are now open! Please click the links below to start submitting.

Panel Registration Form

Staff Registration Form

We will have more details about vendor/artist registration shortly.

2/5/2014 – A Small Change (Updated)

Hello all,

Since its creation back in 2007, NerdaCon has always been a free convention hosted at Columbus State University. Over time, the convention has grown in size, with more and more attendees coming to the convention each year. However, in the past two years, we’ve almost reached the capacity of the facilities that we can use for the convention. It’s almost to the point that we cannot appropriately accommodate so many attendees without potentially causing issues. We’ve also encountered many more security issues over the past few years, including multiple security concerns at NerdaCon v8 that resulted in the convention organizers cancelling the rave for the safety of the convention attendees.

As a result, we’ve decided that charging a $5 entry fee for NerdaCon v9 will help as a way to allow us to move NerdaCon to a larger venue for NerdaCon v10 in 2015. Moving to a larger venue will allow us to accommodate con-goers more safely, in addition to providing more room for more vendors and artists as well as more panels and other events that will keep you entertained all weekend long.

We hope that you will stand by us in this decision as it will only help to allow us to provide you a better convention experience. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us at inquiries@nerdacon.org.

Please understand that we only want what is best for our con-goers, and this is but a small step in our grand plans to grow NerdaCon into something people will talk about for years to come. Thank you for your support! We look forward to seeing you this year at NerdaCon v9!

1/13/2014 – Nerdacon 2015 Dates

The dates for Nerdacon 2015 are as follows:



11/17/2013 – A Very Important Thank You

We at Nerdacon want to officially thank everyone who came out and made Nerdacon v8 a success. A special thanks goes out to Tony Gowel, Alex Wayne, Arianna Johnson and her troupe, the Carolina Manga Company, our amazing vendors, our wonderful staff, and finally, our con attendees.

Keep an eye out for updates about v9!

The Nerdacon loves you.

If you have any compliments, comments, or complaints about the convention, feel free to email us at inquiries@nerdacon.org!


Hello again!

This year we have the Carolina Manga Library setting up to let all of you congoers read in Davidson room 258.
They will also be accepting donations of used and unwanted graphic novels and manga. Help them out!

Check out their website here.


Hey guys!

Don’t forget to see our con guests. We have two awesome crew zombies (Tony Gowell and Alex Wayne) from the Walking Dead who you might recognize.

Make sure to find them at Nerdacon v8!