The costume contest is one of the highlights of NerdaCon. It allows attendees to show off their costume-making skills in a number of different ways and allows them to win awesome prizes for doing so! Below you can find some information about the costume contest signup and pre-judging information.

NerdaCon v11 Costume Contest Signup

Costume contest signups will be done at our cosplay guests table (designated by a NerdaCon sign). Signups will be available most of the day, but be sure to sign up as soon as possible as spots are limited!

NerdaCon v11 Costume Contest Pre-Judging

NerdaCon v11 costume contest pre-judging will be done before the contest and will be done by our talented team of cosplay guests to find out more information and details about all of the contestants’ costumes. Information about pre-judging, including pre-judging times, will be disclosed at or around the time of signup.