Special Guests

Guests at NerdaCon v11

Here you’ll find all of our awesome guests for NerdaCon! All of our guests will have tables located in our dealer’s room for you to meet them!

** Please be aware that some guests may charge a fee for autographs and/or photographs.
This is a fee set and collected by the guest, and is not a fee collected for NerdaCon. **

Voice Actors

Ben Diskin

Ben Diskin is a voice actor from Los Angeles.  He’s been in the VO industry for over 25 years and has voiced a multitude of characters in video games, anime, and western animation.  Some of his more recognizable roles include Eugene (Hey Arnold!), Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 2 (Codename: Kids Next Door), Sai (Naruto Shippuden), Young Master Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts: DDD), Eddie Brock/Venom (Spectacular Spider-Man), Gurio Umino (Sailor Moon Classic and Sailor Moon Crystal), Kaneo Takarada (Kill la Kill), Misaki Yata (K), Death Gun (Sword Art Online II), and Joseph Joestar (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure).


Christian Potenza

Christian Potenza is a well known actor, comedian, voice-over actor, producer and screen writer. If you don’t know his name you’ll certainly know his voice. He is best known for his work on many animated series including Total Drama Island, 6teen and Sidekick. He is also known for being a Giant Yellow Toothbrush in the Listerine commercials as well as countless other spots featuring his Man-Child charms and Peter Pan complex. He has starred in many Canadian television shows from Riverdale, Flashpoint, Degrassi, The Tournament, Orphan Black, Remedy, Saving Hope, and Murdoch Mysteries. Christian has also had the fortune to have had both Burt Reynolds in Reel Love, and Chevy Chase in Shelby the dog who saved Christmas play his father. He also got to punch out Jackie Chan in The Tuxedo. He is currently producing his own cartoon entitled “Stationed”, Canada’s first ever improvised adult cartoon.


Erin Fitzgerald

Erin Fitzgerald is a veritable veteran of videogame voiceover, beginning in Canada before moving down to Los Angeles. Her first major roles of note were May Kanker and Nazz in Ed, Edd & Eddy, but she can now be heard in Rose Lavillant and Juleka Couffaine in the English dubbed version of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Persona 4 as Chie, Skullgirls as Parasoul, Danganronpa as Genocide Jack and Junko, Dragon’s Crown as the Sorceress, Hyperdimenion, Neptunia as Noire and Blackheart, and Bravely Default as Agnes. Her resume is expansive. Some other notable properties she is in are Bleach, .hack//GU, Catherine, Dynasty Warriors, Ranma 1/2, K, Knights of Sidonia, and Sailor Moon.


Ivan Sherry

Ivan Sherry was born in London, England. He is the voice of the new Inspector Gadget currently showing on US Netflix, Teletoon (Canada), Boomerang UK and Ireland, and in 70 countries around the world.

In Ubisoft’s world-wide hit video game, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Ivan plays 25-30 characters and is “Le Roi des Thunes” in Assassin’s Creed: Unity. In 2016, he will be heard in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Ivan has also voiced characters in the new Hotel Transylvania animated series, Camp Lakebottom, Cyberchase, Totally Spies, Spark (starring Patrick Stewart), Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist (and its two features Dex Hamilton and the Doomsday Swarm and Dex Hamilton: Fire and Ice), Pirates: Adventures in Art, Skatoony, The Dark Years, Super Why!, Clang Invasion, and Artopia, among other projects. He is Captain Strong in Metajets and has voiced commercials for many brands including Chevrolet, Ford, McDonald’s, E-trade, Knorr, the Canadian Cancer Society, the LCBO, CREA, and Walmart. Ivan’s TV credits include Orphan Black, Reign, Man Seeking Woman, Warehouse 13, Nikita, Rogue, Murdoch Mysteries, The Listener, Saving Hope, Cracked, Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, and When Love is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story.

He resides in Toronto with his wife and their son.

Kristen McGuire

Kristen McGuire is an award winning artist and voice actress with an itchy drawing hand and an overactive imagination. Armed with a Wacom tablet and a degree in Visual Art and Communication, Kristen has managed to self-publish seven different comic books since 2008 and has won two awards for her original paintings, some of which have sold for over five hundred dollars while on display at local art shows. Her art, which heavily feature original characters and designs have even inspired professional cosplayers in the industry who have gone on to compete in cosplay competitions utilizing Kristen’s designs.

Her comic titles include Enchanted (chapters 1-6), and A Day in the Life of a Cat Girl.

On top of her self-published comics, Kristen is also internationally published as a contributor in Flame Tree Publishing’s new drawing book Drawing Basics Made Easy.

In 2013 Kristen jumped into the role of voice actress and she started working for FUNimation providing voice overs for anime. You can hear her as Hanabi Kawai in Keijo!!!!!!!!, Loop Nishigiri in Yuri!! On ICE, An Onoya in ReLIFE, Chiyo Kurihara in Prison School, Hinano Kurahashi in Assassination Classroom, Karen Ayugase in Castle Town Dandelion, Vera in Maria the Virgin Witch, Yuriko in Mikagura School Suite, Beach Chevro in Sky Wizards Academy, Touma in Noragami Aragoto, Harumoa in Tokyo ESP, Charm in Heavy Object, Defier Girl in Divine Gate, Amahara in Shonen Maid, Yuri in Servamp, Hitomi’s Mother in The Vision of Escaflowne (2016) and she also has provided additional voices in several other anime titles and indie video games.

Currently she is working as a script writer for FUNimation and has adapted scripts for Dance With Devils, Dagashi Kashi, Shonen Maid, Vision of Escaflowne and Love Live!! Sunshine! She is also a coloring assistant for Sonny Strait on the popular Dark Horse comic, Elf Quest.

Cosplay Guests

AllieCat Cosplay

AllieCat is a costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer based in Columbus, GA. She entered the cosplay scene in 2009 with her first costume being Chun-Li from Street Fighter. With only having a background in Fine Arts, AllieCat learned to craft and sew her costumes through self teaching, trial and error, and help from friends. She has competed in Costume Contests receiving best in show and best in her respective skill category. She takes with her the idea that cosplay is fun for everyone to enjoy and she shares this idea with the community through her reach.

Cosplay, Inc.

Cosplay, Inc. is a group of cosplayers dedicated to bringing their interactive exhibits and one of a kind props to the cosplay world, while at the same time using their resources to help out local communities with food and clothing drives. They love the opportunity to exhibit their very own Mystery Machine van and/or their Jurassic Park Tour vehicle. Their exhibits aren’t limited to just photo ops and displays, they also have professional cosplayers playing the role of characters, such as from the films of Jurassic Park, The Scooby Doo gang and more, for an immersive experience.

Ember Tay Cosplay

Ember Tay is an Atlanta-based cosplayer, a model, and a passionate nerd. Although she has been attending conventions a majority of her life, she has just recently begun to make her own costumes, starting with her Aurin from the MMO WildStar, which was recognized by the game designers themselves and won first place right here at NerdaCon last year. She makes costumes now based off of her favorite games, anime, and comics, such as Fairy Tail, League of Legends, and Pokemon. Meeting new people and making friends in the industry has motivated her even further to spread the joy that is cosplay and to help make it even more of a positive community.


EmmaTate is a cosplayer, gamer, and artist from San Antonio, TX. She has been seen at most of the major Texas cons, and has recently ventured out to many cons along the Emerald Coast. She is most known for displaying full body paint and intricate, detailed body paint designs, that she applies herself. Her most notable cosplays are Samara from Mass Effect and Poison Ivy. Her work comes from her love for comics, games, and anime, and a talent and passion for art she’s had since she was a child. She loves creating costumes that are challenging to make, push the creative boundary, and are extremely colorful! Over the past five years, she has handmade over 20 costumes that represent some of her favorite characters from comics and gaming. Her inspiration comes from strong and sexy female heroines, characters she loves and admires, or villains that just represent an alter ego or two. She has been practicing advanced art for 15 years, and is also a Texas A&M Aggie, Whoop!

Gwenpie Cosplay

Gwenpie is a costume designer, cosplay model and an avid video gamer. She has been cosplaying for 3 years, but has been going to conventions for the past 12 years. When she isn’t at conventions, she is studying hard for school or working with animals. She enjoys creating new cosplays, and making new friends!


KendelB is an up and coming cosplayer based out of Columbus, Georgia with an affinity for games and comics. She has been cosplaying for about three years and has only started attending cons for about a year. She has never received and formal training and is, thus far, entirely self taught. She knows that she has much to learn and aims to practice and get better every day.

Ruby Rapture

Ruby Rapture is a cosplay burlesque dancer from Florida. Cosplay burlesque is the art of seamlessly melding cosplay and burlesque dancing together. Ruby Rapture has performed since she was a small child but recently found her passion for burlesque. Ruby Rapture not only performs but also teaches. Her favorite dance workshop to teach is “Thriller”. Ruby Rapture is also multi-talented artist, published model, singer, and breast cancer survivor.

Tiki Twoflower

Tiki Twoflower is the host of the Sci Fi Geek Productions series Cosplay Tips with Tiki, also making regular appearances in Season 2 of Captain Kyle’s Cosplay Spotlight. Tiki is a lifelong leader, teacher, geek, and artist who has been crafting since before she can remember and making her own clothes and costumes since age 11. Her childhood dream was to become an actress, and now Tiki utilizes all of her skills as a cosplayer and fabricator, making her own costumes and offering commissions and sales on costume pieces and accessories through her Etsy shop, Loot Oasis. Tiki’s preferred mediums are clothing, fabric arts, hairstyling, and makeup. However, she also dabbles in props, accessories, and various other art forms. Her long list of cosplays includes video game, television, movie, literary, and original characters.

Story Teller Cosplay

Story Teller Cosplay is the alias used by Sophia, a local Georgia cosplayer. She has been actively crafting and cosplaying for the past few years but her first convention was more than 10 years ago. She has won an award for outstanding craftsmanship and overall skill at SeishunCon 2016 and was also a previous judge at last year’s NerdaCon, v10. She believes that anyone can cosplay and cosplaying is best done with friends–you have more fun that way! When Sophia is not working on cosplay, she can be found playing video games, catching up on her Netflix shows, and playing table top games with her friends.

Whimsical Capt’n J

Whimsical Capt’n J of The Everyman Armory is a cosplayer/shop owner from Atlanta, Georgia who produces weaponry and armor for the cosplay world. He specifically focuses on on the cosplaying on a budget world. His work also includes EVA/ABS armors and re-purposed weaponry via Nerf and non-Nerf companies.

Artists & Authors

Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen is a best selling American author. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary every day folk, role-playing immortal gamers, futuristic covert agents, and warriors who purr. She writes Science Fiction, Science Fiction Romance, Mainstream Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance, and non-fiction (Tarthian Empire Companion, an Illustrated World-Building Bible and Guide to Writing a Science Fiction Series). She likes to attend Science Fiction conventions, and has been a speaker at DragonCon, and Gaylaxicon. She holds an honorary lifetime membership to OutlantaCon, an Atlanta Scifi convention. Kayelle is the founder of the 2,000+ member author-mentoring group Marketing for Romance Writers, and manages the successful Romance Lives Forever blog. Kayelle is married, has three grown children, and five grandchildren. She is a US Navy Veteran.

Richard Fierce

I was born in Oceanside, California in January of 1985. As a child, my family moved around a lot, though not for military reasons. I suppose my mother just didn’t know where she wanted to live. I’ve lived in Japan (which I attribute my love of oriental culture to), Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, New York, and Georgia. I graduated in 2003 in Sandy Valley, Nevada and moved (back) to Georgia where I have lived since.

I met my wife when I was working at Target as a logistics manager. I hired her, and eventually fell in love and asked her to marry me after two months of dating. We got married in 2007 and the rest is history. I have three amazing and goofy step daughters, three huskies, a cat, and an iguana.

I currently work at mobile forms company as a support manager. I’m a recovering retail worker. My dream is to write full time, though I don’t make nearly enough money writing to do that yet. I am an ordained minister and I follow Jesus.

I began seriously writing shortly after I got married. My first work, The Last Page, had been gathering dust in a box before it was published in 2008. I’ve written six other works, including my latest novel The Fallen King.

Bryan SilverBaX

Bryan SilverBaX is a professional sketch card artist and freelance illustrator. He has done work for Upper Deck on several sets of Marvel cards as well sets tied into other sci-fi feature films. Bryan also designs t-shirts that have been featured on TeeFury, ShirtPunch, Ript Appeal and many others. He has also worked with WWE Hall of Fame inductees to create some of their licensed shirt designs.When Bryan SilverBaX is not working on commissioned pin-up work or his sketch card projects he is writing and illustrating his creator owned comic book, Baku.

Jeremy Hicks

Although a field archaeologist by trade, Jeremy Hicks teamed up with long time friend Barry Hayes to realize a creative dream and turn their nightmares into fiction.

The writing team of Hicks & Hayes created an original fantasy-horror environment (Faltyr™), wrote a screenplay (The Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers) to introduce it, and then adapted it into a novelization of the same name. As a result, their first novel was published by Dark Oak Press in August 2013; the second will be published in 2015.

Jeremy co-founded Broke Guys Productions and served as Associate Producer on the horror film, “Curse of the Rougarou.” He is a poet and short story writer too. His stories appear in Dark Oak anthologies (Capes & Clockwork; Luna’s Children). Another short is available through Pro Se Productions.


pdmac is the author of the epic Science Fiction adventure series Wolf 359, which garnered 2nd place in Science Fiction in the Bookbzz.com Prize Writer of the year 2015 competition.  Additionally, he is the author of a Steampunk Western Fool’s Gold, and a dystopian novel Rebirth of Angels.  A diverse author, writer, and editor, he has also edited a Literature anthology, served as managing editor of an archaeology magazine, ghost-written an autobiography, and has had poems, short stories, articles, and editorials published in various literary journals, magazines and newspapers.  His most recent short stories appear in the Short Story America anthologies III and IV, Poets in Hell, andThe Mulberry Fork Review.  He has a MA in Creative Writing and a Ph.D. in Theology, and is a member of the Steampunk Writers and Artists Guild, and the Georgia Writers Association.  He has also sung back-up for Broadway plays, provided voice for radio plays, and acted and directed theater stage productions.  In his off time, he and his wife race mountain bikes, kayak, and occasionally backpack sections of the Appalachian Trail.


Triforce Quartet

The Triforce Quartet is a traditional string quartet that plays video game music. The Triforce Quartet began innocently as a short Zelda medley for an encore of a recital in early 2007, but the video of using traditional string quartet instruments to play music of classic games gained viral popularity later that summer. Thanks to this, cellist Chad Schwartz was able to combine his love for video games, along with years of classical training, to arrange a variety of video game themes that even non-gamers can enjoy. The four members of the Triforce Quartet take audience members on an unforgettable musical journey. The Triforce Quartet has played in front of sold out shows at PAX Prime in Seattle, PAX East in Boston; MAGFest in Washington DC, the iDIG Music Festival in Ireland and with Video Games Live!

Special Events

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