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Previous Guests:

Jennifer Cihi
Jennifer Cihi began performing since she was a young girl growing up in California. At the age of 12, she began her professional career when she was cast in the role of Pepper in the 1978 Broadway National Tour of Annie. As a young adult Jennifer lived and worked in Japan for two years performing at Tokyo Disney. Ironically, after moving back to Los Angeles, she was cast as the singing voice of Sailor Moon. She also lended her voice to City Hunter and Princess Mononoke. She went on to star in the Nickelodeon television show Roundhouse and has voiced many national jingles, including the now famed Hot Pockets commercials. Just over a decade ago, Jennifer said goodbye to Hollywood and moved to Nashville where her singing career continued to thrive. Now, Jennifer appears at conventions all over the US and Europe singing the now iconic Sailor Moon songs.

Kristen McGuire
Kristen McGuire is an award winning artist and voice actress with an itchy drawing hand and an overactive imagination. Armed with a Wacom tablet and a degree in Visual Art and Communication, Kristen has managed to self-publish seven different comic books since 2008 and has won two awards for her original paintings, some of which have sold for over five hundred dollars while on display at local art shows. Her art which heavily features original characters and designs has even inspired professional cosplayers in the industry, who have competed in cosplay competitions utilizing Kristen’s designs.

Her comic titles include Enchanted (chapters 1-6), and A Day in the Life of a Cat Girl.

In 2013 Kristen jumped into the role of voice actress and she started working for FUNimation providing voice overs for anime. You can hear her as Chiyo Kurihara in Prison School, Hinano Kurahashi in Assassination Classroom, Vera in Maria the Virgin Witch, Yuriko in Mikagura School Suite, Beach Chevro in Sky Wizards Academy and she also has provided additional voices in several other anime titles.

Currently she is planning her next comic book series as well as working as a coloring assistant for Sonny Strait on the popular Dark Horse comic, Elf Quest.  She can be seen around the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex teaching teenagers how to draw manga and anime at various libraries.

Jeremy Hicks
Although a field archaeologist by trade, Jeremy Hicks teamed up with long time friend Barry Hayes to realize a creative dream and turn their nightmares into fiction.

The writing team of Hicks & Hayes created an original fantasy-horror environment (Faltyr™), wrote a screenplay (The Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers) to introduce it, and then adapted it into a novelization of the same name. As a result, their first novel was published by Dark Oak Press in August 2013; the second will be published in 2015.

Jeremy co-founded Broke Guys Productions and served as Associate Producer on the horror film, “Curse of the Rougarou.” He is a poet and short story writer too. His stories appear in Dark Oak anthologies (Capes & Clockwork; Luna’s Children). Another short is available through Pro Se Productions.

Richard Fierce
I was born in Oceanside, California in January of 1985. As a child, my family moved around a lot, though not for military reasons. I suppose my mother just didn’t know where she wanted to live. I’ve lived in Japan (which I attribute my love of oriental culture to), Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, New York, and Georgia. I graduated in 2003 in Sandy Valley, Nevada and moved (back) to Georgia where I have lived since.

I met my wife when I was working at Target as a logistics manager. I hired her, and eventually fell in love and asked her to marry me after two months of dating. We got married in 2007 and the rest is history. I have three amazing and goofy step daughters, three huskies, a cat, and an iguana.

I currently work at mobile forms company as a support manager. I’m a recovering retail worker. My dream is to write full time, though I don’t make nearly enough money writing to do that yet. I am an ordained minister and I follow Jesus.

I began seriously writing shortly after I got married. My first work, The Last Page, had been gathering dust in a box before it was published in 2008. I’ve written six other works, including my latest novel The Fallen King.

Stefanie DeLeo
Stefanie DeLeo is a published playwright and novelist. She has a Master’s Degree in Theatre from New York University and had lived and worked in South Africa for two and a half years with the Peace Corps. Her first play, Worth a Thousand Words was published in 2010, which addresses themes of art as a means of communication as seen through the lens of an autistic child. Her novel, Cry My Safari was inspired by a trip to Kenya and tackles themes of racism and economic inequalities spanning two continents. Though a New York City native, she recently relocated to Nashville, where she teaches 12th grade English. She has been a guest at comic cons all over the US and Europe and loves running panels on how to navigate the publishing industry as well as the legality of publishing fan fiction.

AllieCat Cosplay
AllieCat is a costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer based in Columbus, GA. She entered the cosplay scene in 2009 with her first costume being Chun-Li from Street Fighter. With only having a background in Fine Arts, AllieCat learned to craft and sew her costumes through self teaching, trial and error, and help from friends. She has competed in Costume Contests receiving best in show and best in her respective skill category. She takes with her the idea that cosplay is fun for everyone to enjoy and she shares this idea with the community through her reach.

Cosplay Inc.
Cosplay Inc. is a group of cosplayers who bring their characters to life with their replica mystery machine van from Scooby Doo and Jurassic park tour vehicle. Guests get a fully immersive experience taking photos and meeting characters from the Jurassic park series, the Scooby Doo gang, and various other fandoms! They even have souvenirs and art available! And if you feel like helping your local community, cosplay inc always has space in the mystery machine to accept food and clothing for those in need and are donated after every convention!

Ember Tay Cosplay
Ember Tay is an Atlanta-based cosplayer, a model, and a passionate nerd. Although she has been attending conventions a majority of her life, she has just recently begun to make her own costumes, starting with her Aurin from the MMO WildStar, which was recognized by the game designers themselves and won first place right here at NerdaCon last year. She makes costumes now based off of her favorite games, anime, and comics, such as Fairy Tail, League of Legends, and Pokemon. Meeting new people and making friends in the industry has motivated her even further to spread the joy that is cosplay and to help make it even more of a positive community.

Gwennie-Pig Cosplay
Gwennie-Pig is a costume designer, cosplay model and an avid video gamer. She has been cosplaying for 3 years, but has been going to conventions for the past 12 years. When she isn’t at conventions, she is studying hard for school or working with animals. She enjoys creating new cosplays, and making new friends!

Story Teller Cosplay
Story Teller is the alias used by Sophia, a local Georgia cosplayer. She first discovered her love of cosplay about 10 years ago when she attended her first convention. It wasn’t until a few years ago that she started to create and make her own costumes. Everything she has learned about cosplay has been self taught or with the help of friends. In addition to creating new costumes, she loves to do cosplay photography to try and create images that not only portrays the characters but to tell a story…and that is how the alias Story Teller was born. When she’s not sewing or attending cons, Sophia can be found playing video games, catching up on her Netflix shows, reading, and playing various table top games with friends.

BrainBlast Trivia
BrainBlast Entertainment is a family-friendly trivia company founded in 2005 and based out of Franklin, TN. They are dedicated to providing a clean, fun, high energy environment for families and friends to enjoy a night out together. They have over 150 weekly shows across Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. They not only provide trivia nights covering categories like Science, Sports, Movies, History, etc, but also host Questionnairey nights (much like a certain survey TV Game Show), Bingo, and a Variety show. BrainBlast’s focus is on the restaurant industry but also does private events for corporate meetings and functions, school days, birthday parties, fundraisers and more. BrainBlast Trivia will be performing two of their trivia shows at Nerdacon this year packed full of nerdy questions covering Star Wars, Doctor Who, Magic: the Gathering and more. They will be giving prizes to the top three teams of each show, so grab your friends, bring your “A” game and cheer loud!

Carolina Manga Library
The Carolina Manga Library is a non-profit organization that sets up free libraries at conventions for all attendees to enjoy. They bring over 3000 manga, American graphic novels, webcomics, and novels for fans to enjoy. By setting up a quiet place for people to relax at conventions, the Library seeks to promote literacy through the medium that they love.

The Library was founded in 2013, debuting at Nashicon in Columbia, South Carolina. Since then, the Library has been guests at conventions all over the Southern states and their collection becomes larger with every passing month, having expanded to all forms of graphic novels. Their expert staff of librarians and library assistants are also experts in all things manga and graphic novels, so feel free to ask them for recommendations for new series!

Haiden Hazard
Haiden Hazard is a cosplayer from east Alabama who began cosplaying in early 2012. She quickly discovered how much she enjoyed conventions, cosplaying and crafting outfits from scratch. As she attended more and more conventions her cosplays began to become increasingly more elaborate and difficult to construct and she feels that she has only scratched the surface of what she is able to accomplish. Haiden became an internet sensation with her Kurloz Makara cosplay, which was her first costume people knew of worldwide. Quickly following, she became known as Rcsixtyfour on social media. Haiden has won many cosplay contests, has been featured in many newspapers, news reports for conventions and she has even been spotlighted on Heroes of Cosplay.

Terminus Media

Robert Jeffrey
Robert Jeffrey is a freelance comic book writer based in Atlanta, GA and a major writer for Terminus Media. Robert is a recipient of the 2008 Miller Brewing Company A Philip Randolph Messenger Award and is a writer for comic book series Route 3, Daddy’s Little Girl and Radio Free Amerika.

John Robert McGuire
John R McGuire is an engineer by day and writer by night. He attended Georgia Tech to obtain a civil engineering degree. While his left brain absorbed information on E-mag, Calculus, Statics, Dynamics, Structures and Road Design, his right brain devoured the works of Jack London, Mark Twain, Anne Rice, Alan Moore, Kurt Busiek, and Mark Waid. Today, John is a registered professional engineer and professional writer. He lives just outside Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and three cats.

He also maintains that he would have been a Marine biologist, if not for Jaws.

In 2002, John was a founding member of Terminus Media, a writer’s collective in Decatur, GA. Through the next decade, John edited and a contributed to anthologies published by Terminus. In 2010, John applied his story telling skills to novels and short stories. His debut novel, The Dark That Follows, was published in late 2013.John also published two comic series: The Gilded Age, in 2013, an on-going series; and Tiger Style, a limited four-issue series through Arena Comics.

Peter Mitchell
Peter Mitchell is a founding member of Terminus Media and his writing and editing credits include  Geist (writer/ creator), co-writer on a CDC Animated Motion Comic Project, and editor of Evolution Book #2.

Phil Keeling
Phil Keeling is a comedian from Savannah, GA. He has been seen at the Hollywood Improv, Pittsburgh ComicCon, and your cousin’s Spring Break Pool Party. He is available to perform at clubs, bars, casinos, mud wrestling semi-finals, high school proms, back alley fight clubs, and funerals. His favorite beetle is the Bombardier Beetle, who can fire a noxious, explosive spray to ward off predators. His favorite Beatle is George Harrison, who cannot.

Beautiful Syn
Beautiful Syn is a 23 year old Atlanta based cosplayer and has cosplayed from video games to comics to anime and more since 2007. She is mostly known for her Elsa, Medusa, Revy and newly constructed Sheik cosplay. She has had her cosplays and interviews featured on websites such as, and

Seraphina is a professional bellydance instructor and performer with over twenty-five years of dance experience.  With a passion for anime and Japanese culture she created her own style of bellydance, “Otaku Fusion”: the mix of tribal fusion bellydance with Nihon Buyo (traditional Japanese dance) set to anime/video game soundtracks.  She has appeared at conventions across the nation for over a decade and continues to offer classes and workshops in the Deep South.  When not dancing, Seraphina enjoys sewing and is a seasoned cosplayer!  Her newest project is “Cosplayers for Hope”, raising awareness for Endometriosis by sharing her story of battling the illness herself.

Tony Gowell

Tony has been with Dragon Con for 13 years, and is currently one of the Office Directors. He has been a former casting assistant for various agencies in Atlanta, but is also a local actor for film, television, commercials, and website tutorials. He has worked on Devious Maids, Killers, Due Date, The Internship, Life as We Know It, The Blind Side, Single Ladies, Necessary Roughness, Catching Fire, Drop Dead Diva, Franklin & Bash, Hall Pass, and The Vampire Diaries. With the meteoric popularity of all things undead, it’s important to mention his work on the hit film Zombieland and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Tony is most recently recognizable as one of the ‘barn walkers,’ and is excited to talk to fans about his many on set experiences from his 9 different episodes of Seasons 1 & 2.

Alex Wayne

Alex started with a youth theater group in Tennessee called The Dreamweavers for productions of Annie, Alice in Wonderland, Tom Sawyer, The Foreigner, and Anne Frank.  In 2010, Alex moved to the Atlanta, GA area to pursue screen acting.  With work on Franklin & Bash, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva, Hall Pass,The Collection to start. In 2011, he was asked to come in for “zombie school” on the second season of The Walking Dead. From there, it’s been an exciting ride thanks to the show’s insane popularity. From magazine covers to fan tattoos, t-shirts, merchandise and other media marketing…Alex Wayne is most recently recognized as the walker in the boiler room that ate Lori, in Season 3.

Ashley Anderson
Former Senior Video Game Editor at

Arianna Johnson
Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Instructor, Performer, and Nerd

Tony Gowell Comp CardAlex Wayne Comp CardAlex Standing Season 2

Photographer: Ashley Shipp

Kevin Galbraith
Actor from The Walking Dead who was the zombie that killed Dale.

Dean’s Martial Arts Institution
Dean Moo Kwan is a private organization specializing in comprehensive, combative, martial arts. The roots of their system are based in traditional Tae Kwon Do, while the system includes principles from Hapkido, Judo, Silat, Kali, and other fighting systems. This martial arts system specializes in the simple, effective self defense concepts learned through traditional martial arts study. Dean Moo Kwan is strictly a self-defense martial art.

Gracie Barra of Columbus
World-renowned Brazilian Jiujitsu School

Winner of the 2010 Battle of the Bands at Columbus State University

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