Hello everyone! Welcome to NerdaCon v9. It may not be shocking to find that a good number of the NerdaCon staff have been going to conventions for years. Here are a few bits of collected wisdom we’ve put together from our years of experience. First-time con goers take heed:

1. You’re going to see things you may not expect at our convention…as Douglas Adams said, “Don’t Panic”. Con people are some of the friendliest people in the world. They are, in fact, sometimes too friendly.

2. Hygiene is key, con rot is bad.

3. Eat real food. If not, you may die. (Note: Pocky is NOT REAL FOOD)

4. Take lots of pictures. That being said, mind your personal electronics.

5. Wandering may be fun, but you should try going to panels and special events. There’s generally some pretty neat stuff.

6. Buy stuff (our vendors will now be happy with us).

7. Hugs are fun…but only when consensual.

8. Sleep…just not here. Zombie stomp brigade will be active.

9. Wear comfortable shoes…seriously.

10. If things go terribly wrong find one these people:

We all have badges that say “Organizer.” If you have a question we’ll be happy to answer it.