Vendor/Artist Information:

  • Each vendor/artist may purchase anywhere from one to four tables or one to three booth spaces.
    • Each table costs $80 per table. Each table is an 8 ft. by 2 ft. table and comes with two chairs per table. Vendors/artists may not bring their own tables for these spaces unless authorized by the NerdaCon staff BEFORE the convention.
    • Booth spaces cost $150 per booth space. Each booth space is a 10 ft. by 10 ft. space that come with one 8 ft. by 2 ft. table and two chairs along with pipe an drape behind the booth. Vendors/artists are allowed to bring their own tables or other gear for the booth setups.
  • Additional chairs can be requested on the registration form but the additional chairs cannot be guaranteed at this time.
  • There are a limited number of tables and booths available. Once registration closes we cannot guarantee additional registration spots.
  • The convention center charges $10 per device for WiFi access. This can be added to your registration form if needed.
  • The convention center charges $40 for electricity access per vendor/artist setup. This can be added to your registration form if needed. This cost is set by the convention center and NerdaCon has no control over this pricing.
  • The convention goes from Friday (November 11th) 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM and Saturday (November 12th) 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM. Vendors/artists can leave their goods overnight if needed. We will have Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center security staff on-site overnight.
  • The vendor/artist room will be closed approximately 15 minutes before the convention closes on Friday (November 11th). The vendor/artist room will close at 10:00 PM on Saturday (November 12th) to ensure that everyone is given ample time to pack up their goods. Please note: The convention center closes to everyone by midnight per our contract with them, so all vendors/artist must be out of the room before that time.
  • You may not set up goods until you have checked in with the vendor organizer.
  • Vendors/artists will not be allowed to start setting up until 10:00 AM on Friday unless otherwise stated. This is to ensure we have the room properly set up and properly staffed to assist you with setting up. You may, however, check in with our vendor organizer earlier than this time.
  • Each vendor/artist will receive up to a maximum of four vendor badges for attendance. Vendors/artists with more than four people working the booth will be required to purchase additional regular admission badges for each additional person working the booth beyond the initial four vendor badges.
  • Table placement is assigned prior to the convention. Changes will be made only for extenuating circumstances.

All vendors/artists are required to abide by the following policies. Violation of these NerdaCon policies and/or those polices set in place by the Columbus Convention and Trade Center is considered just cause for removal from the convention space by NerdaCon staff and forfeiture of any and all fees. NerdaCon has the final say in the acceptance or denial of all vendor/artist applications with prior notice.

  • You may not sell any food/drinks/snacks/etc. of any kind. The convention center has strict policies against the sale of outside food/drinks/snacks.
  • You may not sell any 18+/adult products at any time during the convention. NerdaCon is considered a safe environment for everyone of all ages.
  • You may not sell any weapons that violate our weapons policy, including bladed weapons, live steel weapons, or other hazardous items.
  • You are required to submit a vendor/artist registration form. You will not be assigned a table if you have not registered.
  • You may not sell any goods that would violate any of our other existing policies.

Please note: The last day to request a refund for your table(s) is October 1st, 2016. There will be no refunds given after that date.

NerdaCon isn’t responsible for lost or damaged property.
By attending NerdaCon you agree to the vendor/artist policy and attendance policy.
NerdaCon reserves the right to make changes to these policies at any time.

Last Updated: September 2016