Benefits of Volunteering:
An awesome volunteer badge!
Access to the volunteer room (free stuff and food)!
Access to the volunteer-only raffle!

All volunteers are required to follow both the Attendance Policy as well as this Volunteer Policy.

All volunteers must also fill out the volunteer registration form.

All volunteers are expected to attend at least one of our volunteer meetings before the convention. If you do not attend at least one of the staff meetings, you will be removed from our volunteer list. Please let us know ahead of time if you are unable to attend any of the staff meetings due to extenuating circumstances.  These meetings will be posted soon.

Volunteers need to have a positive attitude throughout the event. Volunteers must act in a professional manner while at the convention, as they are representatives of the convention. If an organizer or director asks you to do something, please do so. They’re most likely asking for a good reason.

Volunteers should not use loud or excessive foul language. Keep in mind that this is a (mostly) family oriented event.

Volunteers should not wear any overtly revealing clothing. Volunteers cannot wear costumes while on duty and must wear the provided event staff t-shirts. Volunteers must also wear a badge at all times.

Each individual needs to work a four hour shift in order to qualify as a volunteer. You are expected to remain in your assigned area until your shift is up, unless a Director/Organizer tells you otherwise. Leaving a shift early is not acceptable, and doing so may be grounds for badge removal.

Setup / Breakdown:
If possible, every potential volunteer is expected to help with setup and breakdown. Setup runs from 12pm to 5pm on Friday and 8am to 10am on Saturday morning. Breakdown is right after close at 11:00pm Saturday.

Tournaments and Competitions:
If you are on shift, you are not allowed to participate in any tournaments or competitions, even within your area. You are allowed to run a tournament or competition.

No Tolerance Policy:
Illegal substances and alcohol are not allowed to be carried or consumed by anyone at the convention. Period. Doing so WILL result in removal of the volunteer’s badge and expulsion from the convention grounds.

** NerdaCon reserves the right to remove any person from staff for any reason at any time. **
NerdaCon isn’t responsible for lost or damaged property.
By staffing NerdaCon you agree to the staffing policy and the attendee policy.
NerdaCon reserves the right to make changes to these policies at any time.

Last Updated: September 2016