Special Guests Announcements!

Special Guests Announcements

Hey everyone! We’re rapidly gearing up for this year’s NerdaCon and working to make it better than ever! To help us do that, we’ve got some awesome and amazing guests lined up, and we’d like to announce some of them now! We’re as excited as you are to have them attend and be a part of NerdaCon v11!

NerdaCon would like to welcome Ben Diskin, Erin Fitzgerald, Ivan Sherry, and Christian Potenza! Each of these guests have voiced a number of well-known roles across animation, TV, video games and more.

NerdaCon would also like to welcome some of our cosplay guests including AllieCat Cosplay, Ember Tay Cosplay, Gwennie-Pig Cosplay, Story Teller Cosplay, Tiki Twoflower. and Whimsical Capt’n J! Each of these cosplayers have years of experience in their craft and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.

You can find all of their bios on our special guests page or with the links below. Be sure to be on the lookout for more announcements coming soon!

Voice Actors

Cosplay Guests